This page is intended to list a number of freely available learning resources and forecasting tools compiled from various sources around the web. I’d encourage anyone with an interest in meteorology to make use of these resources to improve their knowledge and forecasting ability. Although some links may require an account registration, all are free unless otherwise noted. Check back occasionally as this page will continue to be updated.

Learning Resources

+ MetEd — An outstanding collection of educational and training programs. Highly recommended.

+ — One of the best educational resources on the web.

Stormtrack Library — Extensive collection of links, mostly chaser-related.

NWS Dual-Pol Training — A training program from the National Weather Service focusing on Dual-Polarization radar.

+ PSU Fundamentals of Meteorology — An excellent starting point from Penn State University.

+ PSU OpenCourseWare — Free online courses from Penn State, scroll down for meteorology.

+ Storm Chaser Education Links — A vast collection of educational links compiled by Jason Boggs.

+ OK-First Training & Case Studies — A selection of training resources and case studies.

+ Convective Addiction Blog — Educational, mostly chaser-related blog posts.

Numerical Models and Forecasting Tools

+ TwisterData — Excellent displays of RUC, NAM and GFS weather models, as well as helpful tutorials.

+ College of Dupage — Assortment of weather analysis tools, including surface maps and weather models.

+ WeatherBELL — Excellent paysite with wide range of models and features.

+ NCEP Model Guidance — GFS, NAM, SREF and other models covering the whole globe.

+ Instant Weather Maps — Large collection of model resources with additional paid options.

+ Storm Prediction Center — Convective outlooks, watches, discussions and excellent mesoscale analysis tools.

+ Climate Prediction Center — A range of teleconnections forecasts, including AO, NAO, PNA and AAO.

+ PSU E-Wall — Large collection of models from Penn State.

+ Tropical Tidbits — Excellent selection of numerical models, as well as aircraft recon and other tropical tools.

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